5 gems in Tokyo

1   Kosoan cafe in Jyuugaoka – a hidden cafe in one of the trendiest neighborhood in Tokyo. Kosoan is a traditional Japanese “kisaten” with limited menu. You get to enjoy occasional spoken word performances while sipping powdered green tea and munching on delicious Japanese pastries.

2   BENCI cafe in Shibuya – enjoy absolutely delicious lunch at this rustic cafe hidden within one of Shibuya’s many boutique stores. It is hard to find so you can easily get a seat during lunch hour.

3   Utrecht book and concept store in Aoyama  – Hidden bookstore in Aoyama, carrying rare books and first editions. It is small but has a great character. The staff is friendly too.

4  BAO BAO by Issey Miyake – a must have bag that is available only in Japan (unless you want to pay a triple price online). Innovative geometrical pattern that folds randomly, creating interesting shapes – amazing bag that will make any outfit stand out.

5  IL Cavallo – Italian restaurant at Tokyo Design center in Gotanda. You can enjoy delicious lunch for under 16 dollars on the quiet terrace, away from Tokyo crowds. There is no advertisement of the restaurant outside the building so it is relatively easy to get a seat at the busiest lunch hour.  The restaurant is located inside Tokyo’s biggest showroom of contemporary furniture representing famous local and international designers. There is also a nice book store on the first floor with beautiful souvenirs.

Natalia Davydova

Hey guys! I am a graphic designer from Saint Petersburg, Russia living and working in Tokyo, Japan. I like traveling and experiencing new things. That’s why most of my posts are about travels in and outside of Japan and other activities I try to enjoy in between my work.. Oh and also about my dear friends and family who I can’t imagine my life without. I owe everything to them and I will never get tired of writing about our adventures together. Thank you for reading and stay tuned!  http://tokyoholic.me