7 Things You Never Expected To Love About Los Angeles

Ok, ok, Los Angeles is not quite on every traveler’s bucket list. I get it. It is said to be loud and dirty, and after all it is the home to way too many pretentious, superficial and flaky aspiring wannabes, trying to somehow become famous. Let’s be honest, L.A. has THE worst rep.

So may I introduce you to a way less biased L.A.? Many years ago I moved half across the world to finally call the City of Angeles my home, and I promise you will love it too!

1 First off, let’s start with the obvious:  the weather . How could you say “No” to perfect warm temperatures throughout the year? No humidity, no mosquitos. Straight off paradise. Enjoy a beautiful  Saturday  or weekday for example in Malibu at Geoffreys or Moonshadows to take advantage of some of my favorite ocean-view restaurants.

2  Access to fresh produce : Never before have I lived a healthier and happier life. Seems like fruits and veggies taste WAY better picked right from your backyard. Thank you California, and thank you Mexico for spoiling me with yummy fruits all year long. You HAVE to go to a local farmers market, once you are here. My favorite one is the Brentwood market (San Vicente & S Gretna Green Way)  on Sunday  mornings. 

3  Cultural variety : Duh, there is culture in L.A.! Immigrants from all over the world make L.A. one of the most diverse places. Have you been to picturesque Olvera Street, which is probably the most Mexican it can get in L.A.? You can buy some colorful souvenirs and go to a real authentic Latin American marketplace, the Grand Central Market, afterwards (both in Downtown).

4   The outdoor activities:  Especially during the “summer” months (June – August) there are tons and tons of outdoor movie theatres, beach concerts, festivals, you name it. I am talking about Street Food Cinema, Santa Monica’s Beach Concerts and movie screenings at the Hollywood Cemetery, just to name a few.

5   The hiking options : How about you hike up to the Hollywood Sign? It is all possible in L.A. You can always plan a great beach or hiking day on pretty much any day of the week in L.A.; there is so much outdoor stuff going on, you will never get bored. 

6    The friendliness of strangers : Yes, it might get superficial, and people will chat with you randomly. It might never lead to something or actually matter (or mean anything!) So, do you prefer strolling through a city and never speaking to anyone or a superficial and friendly talk here and there?

7   The craze about health & nutrition : It is no brainer that you live longer and happier if you eat and drink responsibly and healthy. So, L.A. could probably be THE capital of health addicts and fitness gurus. If you are vegetarian, vegan, or have whatever health restrictions, L.A. will be your go-to destination for a nutrious meal. Some of my favorite vegan spots are Gracias Madre, Cafe Gratitude and Crossroads. And obviously you will have to have a cold-pressed juice if you are here!  

cathrine schermann

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