Top 5 Tips To Explore A City Like A Local

In my opinion, the best way to get the true essence of a city is to experience it like a local. While this approach to travel is not for everyone (it can occasionally lead you to some precarious situations), those who pride themselves in uncovering hidden gems find it incredibly rewarding. One thing is for sure: it will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. So, how do you go about experiencing a city like a local?

1  Make a Local Friend  – Whether online or offline, connecting with someone who actually lives in the city is essential. These people spend most of their lives exploring their own backyards and have a great pulse on what’s new and exciting in their city! Ask them about their favorite spots and invite them along for an experience if you can.

2  Take Public Transportation  – Get in that crowded minibus taxi or the colorful tuk-tuk! Although it can be a tight squeeze or a bit unnerving at times, public transport is the best way to meet locals and get sense of what it’s really like to live in their city.

3 Eat Local Foods  – Visit farmers’ markets, grocery stores and give their street food a try. Some local foods look and smell unusual, but it’s good to be a little adventurous and try new things!

4  Go on a Private Tour with Local Experts  – Although many travellers steer clear of tours, if done right, local guides can offer up some incredibly intimate and unique experiences. They know how to speak the language, navigate the roads and can actually help you avoid tourist traps.

5  Attend a Local Event  – From open-air movie nights to large-scale festivals, there are countless events to choose from when you visit a city. Locals flock to community gatherings so it’s a great place to meet new people, try traditional food and explore their culture.


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