Your Personal Guide to Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is a place for the untamed souls that need to get out and stretch their legs. Located just a few short hours from Los Angeles, the high desert of Joshua Tree National Park is known for its vastness, hiking trails, rock climbing and amazing camping. It’s the perfect escape from the city.

For $15 you get a 7-day pass in the national park and camp for around $10 a night. The facilities are great and there’s plenty of room to keep to yourself or bunk up with friends. The weather is hot during the day and cools down at night, so come prepared with layered clothing and plenty of water. Camping is a cheap way to get outside and experience something new, and Joshua Tree is a prime location for photographers and artists who can appreciate a beautiful aesthetic with a creative eye. It’s well known for shooting media and fashion campaigns because of its rawness and organic vibe. We love it, and you will too.

traveling triplets

Traveling Triplets is made up of three identical triplet sisters who love to travel and love each other even more. Kylie is the photographer and videographer, Lisa is the chef and Megan is the crafty one. Together we make a super team of exploring the unexplored and sharing it with our readers to encourage them to do the same!