Enjoying Bremen in 5 Easy Steps


When most people think of Germany, Lederhosen and Oktoberfest in Munich may come to mind. Or perhaps Berlin’s hipster artist scene. But Bremen, in the north, is really Germany at its best — full of history, culture, and nature! And there are plenty of ways to enjoy your time in this Hanseatic city…

1  Start by exploring the Marktplatz. In the very center of the city, you’ll find Bremen’s Market Square. Established in 1404 with the building of the City Hall, the square is surrounded by gorgeous historic buildings — making it one of the most beautiful in Germany. Also nearby are the Cathedral (founded in the 11th century) and the statue of Roland (Bremen’s protector since the 15th century). And you can’t leave Bremen without visiting the sculpture of the Bremen City Musicians from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale — don’t forget to grab the donkey’s legs and make a wish!

2  Find a spot to relax along the Weser. If the sun is shining, you’ll find everyone relaxing on the water front, sipping a Beck’s Beer, and grilling sausages. If you’ve had your fill of historical sites, join in! The river Weser runs through Bremen and offers many green spaces to soak up the sun. 3. Check out the Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum.

3 But if the weather is not so nice, you might want to head over to the Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum instead — located along Böttcherstraße, a lovely side street connected to the Market Square. Modersohn-Becker is one of the most important painters of early expressionism and spent much of her life in Bremen.

4 Then wander the winding streets of the Schnoor Viertel
The Schnoor Viertel is one the oldest neighborhoods in Bremen, dating back to medieval times, and former home to the city’s fishermen and seamen. Today you can wander the crooked streets and admire the well-preserved houses (some dating back to the 15th century), which are now home to shops, cafes, and restaurants.

5  Close out the day with a drink or a bite to eat in the Viertel.
After a day of seeing the city, check out Bremen’s most beloved area for an evening out. The Viertel is a short walk from the city center, and features many hip bars, restaurants, and shops. If you’re hungry, check out Rosali California Style Burritos, Cookies Cupcakes, or one of the many Döner shops. For a drink, you really can’t go wrong at Lagerhaus, Wohnzimmer, or Fehrfeld. Grab a table outside if the weather is nice. And enjoy!


Native Seattleite, former Brooklynite, now living in Germany. A public health geek travelling, running, and drinking coffee all over the world. She blogs about travel and expat life over at  No Apathy Allowed


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